Preserve Your Old Guns

How to preserve Old Guns

Old Guns
If you have some old guns or have an antique set of firearms, you will want to know how you can preserve these old guns. Miss-care of your praised artifacts can lead to very bad situations. Historic guns are very valuable, they can be worth a large amount of money. However, they are historic pieces that can become obsolete if you don’t applying proper care. Take a look at these ways to preserve your antique firearms.

You should always avoid placing your guns in buildings that go through humidity changes. You will need to keep your antiques somewhere where the humidity ranges from a stable 40-50%. This is because wood particles can expand or contract with changes in the environment’s humidity. In order to completely take good care of your antique guns, you will need to protect the wooden stock from anisotropy. Anisotropy is a direct result of constant humidity changes. Anisotropy can cause the stock in old guns to crack.

How to maintain Old Guns

Make sure you keep your gun set free from dust at all times. When you maintain antique guns, you need to limit the possibilities of decay. Dust will trap moisture, which will cause decay. Try not to dust your antique guns with any strong chemicals like alcohol and such. These types of chemicals will leave coatings, which can trap dust. You must dust your antique guns with a cotton cloth and some of water. Dry your old guns with some soft cotton cloths to ensure the maintenance your gun, and also make sure you dry it completely.

If you must clean the metal parts on your antique firearms, do so gently with super-fine steel wool and 1 or 2 drops of oil. Make sure you don’t rub too hard because this can scratch the metal.

And finally, if you have the desire to shoot one of your antique guns, make sure you have it inspected by a good gunsmith. An old firearm can be extremely dangerous and could explode if you fire it ! Be safe when enjoying these old guns.