Antique Firearms For Sale

Although present gun legislation in Australia has drastically cut down the number of firearms owned by the general public, interest in them is still high. There will be a great selection of guns on display at the next Brisbane Gun Show, including antique firearms for sale, which are well worth the visit.

On display will be a huge selection of modern firearms as well as a multitude of gun parts and related accessories, such as telescopic scopes, laser sights, cleaning equipment, projectiles and so forth. A

The Brisbane Gun Show holds an exemption specifically for private shooters, which will allow them to sell personal guns too. Selling tables are still available, but do be quick; already there are loads of both local and interstate table-holders signed up to attend.

Entry prices are low, just $10 for adults and children only $2. Enjoy a good day out; come and see what modern firearms are available and enjoy looking at the displays of new and ancient militaria, antique firearms for sale and other old gun related memorabilia.